Plastic bottles are common household items designed for a single use. They only last the time needed to empty them. Used daily, mainly outside, plastic bottles often end up in nature where they become predators of the environment.

Surfrider Foundation Europe's "Reset Your Habits" campaign

Plastic bottles are consistently ranked among the Top 10 trash items found along the coasts, rivers, and in marine environments. To break this cycle, Surfrider Foundation Europe has launched « Reset Your Habits », a campaign aimed at raising awareness, and mobilizing people to reduce plastic bottle pollution at its source.

Reset your Habits calls for a deep change in behaviours and society by modifying the way we consume and production in order to limit our environmental impact. And this implies remplacing single use plastic bottles by durable and reusable alternatives.

This campaign also aims to rethink the whole life of a plastic bottle from its conception to the end of its life through the prism of  circular economy.

A white paper for a plastic bottle-free ocean

Pollution caused by plastic is massive and urges for an efficient and quick global action. European Union could take the lead in the fight against plastic trash thanks to its « Plastic Strategy » if it is ambitous and binding. This way, the EU must oblige the member States to take concrete mesures to prevent the production of plastic trash. The ban of single-use plastic objects, among which bottles, could be an action rising to the challenge of this considerable threat constituted by plastic continents.

Surfrider Foundation Europe gathers its non-exhaustive recommendations to stop the arrival of more plastic bottles in the environment in this « White paper for a plastic bottle-free ocean »  aimed at the European Union and its member States.

  • Improving plastic bottles' eco-design
  • Reduce plastic bottles' production
  • Reduce plastic bottles' distribution
  • Reduce plastic bottle's consumption
  • Enhance plastic bottle's end of life

Citizens, manufacturers, politicans, we all have a role to play to eradicate plastic bottles of our environement, by refusing this single-use container, by rethinking its conception, the way it is produced, consumed and thrown.

Download the WHITE PAPER 

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