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The 26th edition of the Ocean Initiatives : Surfrider Foundation Europe calls on citizens to fight marine litter through participatory science

As a result of the current health crisis, huge amounts of waste from single-use items, such as masks...

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Plastic pollution: Surfrider Foundation Europe and Rethink Plastic alliance fightback plastic fakes out

With more than 400 million tonnes of plastic produced each year worldwide and our Blue planet drowni...

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Surfrider Europe Foundation calls for a collective engagement to break the plastic wave.

Surfrider Foundation Europe releases its new environmental report for the 2019 Ocean Initiatives s...

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The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures animate everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's action.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.