Eurocean's Youth

Surfrider Foundation Europe creates the first network of young European maritime ambassadors

Become a maritime world ambassador

As part of the Call for the Ocean launch, we are creating a network of young European Ambassadors of the maritime world : Eurocean. 

With the support of the French ministry of the Sea, Surfrider Foundation Europe is selecting from today and until October 15th of 2021, 120 young people from 20 to 27 years-old from all over the European Union. Women, men, sailors, or newcomers : come join the maritime adventure. Gathered in a unique network, you will be trained by professionals and experts of these two topics :  

- Jobs related to the sea 

- Shipping  

This maritime network will develop and carry your vision of the maritime world’s future during high-ranking international and european events throughout 2022 (UN Conference, World Ocean Day, Ocean Decade Activity in the framework of the Ocean Decade launched by UNESCO...)

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A week to think about the Ocean


This network’s highlight will be the first face-to-face meeting during an immersive week in La Rochelle (France) in February 2022 to build and share a vision for the future. 

Cultural exchanges, sharing research and work, experimentation, water activities, meetings... A complete program to make the most of the Ocean and share your vision of the future. This week will be fully covered and organized in collaboration with the city of La Rochelle and the French Ministry of the sea.

This week in La Rochelle organized by Surfrider Foundation Europe will be launching a network of European Ambassadors of the maritime world who have answered to the Ocean’s Call. Through the sea uses and related professions, this network will carry the UE federating values. Thanks to their previous work, to experts’ interventions, and to the immersive experiences they shared, these Ambassadors will be able to debate in order to build a maritime Eurovision. Pioneers of a new sustainable maritime world, they will be able to spread their experiences lived in La Rochelle sharing these with other young people and actors of the maritime world.

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Application details

- Long-term commitment over 9 months (October, 2021 to June, 2022) 

- Being available from the 7th to 13th of February 2022 – week in La Rochelle 

- Fill in the registration questionnaire + send resume and cover letter to 

- Applications submission : from the 1st of September to the 15th of October 2021 
Agenda :  

- Workshops once a month 

- Webinars in November, December and January  

- A week in La Rochelle from the 7th to the 30th of February 2022 

- Participation to several international and european events  

- Permanent mobilization of the Eurocean network 

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