Eurocean's Youth

Surfrider Foundation Europe mobilizes the Youth on the future of the European maritime world

Eurocean’s Youth: the first network that connects young Europeans to the maritime world

Join Eurocean's Youth network to advance a sustainable future to the maritime world

The concept of Eurocean's Youth is to link young Europeans to the maritime world within a unique network. Developed by Surfrider Foundation Europe, this network will eventually bring together a hundred of young people aged from 20 to 27 years-old, coming from 27 countries of the European Union (EU). They are trained alongside professionals and experts on three main topics: sea-related jobs, shipping, and Ocean governance. Aiming at exploring the multiple aspects of the maritime world in Europe, Eurocean's Youth will focus on four different zones : the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and finally, the Atlantic Ocean.

Eurocean's Youth welcomes experts with a scientific background in engineering, marine biology and oceanography, as well as experts in law, philosophy and political science. 

A successful first year

The young ambassadors of the Eurocean's Youth network have published a manifesto of 12 recommendations to improve the blue economy and maritime transport. These recommendations addressed to policy makers were presented at various high-level international events throughout 2022:

- the One Ocean Summit in Brest, France

- the European Maritime Days in Ravenna, Italy

Sum up of the recommendations

Recommendations about blue careers

1. Implement a comprehensive maritime surveillance and enforcement program.

2. Invest in the training and retraining of people employed in disappearing industries to facilitate their transition to emerging sustainable jobs.

3. Create a maritime Erasmus+ program combining education, employment, and networking opportunities to improve knowledge transfer and raise awareness of maritime issues.

4. Create a European platform to advance ocean knowledge.

5. Introduce ocean certification for public authorities in the European Union.

6. Implement a new rating system for zero-emission ships combining the EU regulation and the IMO rating system. 

Recommendations about shipping

7. Improve water quality monitoring in EU ports.

8. Ensure strict implementation of dredging rules with the ambition of introducing a dredging ban in the coming years.

9. Provide EU subsidies for training in autonomous ship technology and promote this specialization in maritime schools in EU countries.

10. Make available public, private, and EU funding for the environmental transition of the shipping sector.

11. Facilitate the adhesion of shipowners to the Green Marine label by providing financial support to its certified members.

12. Strengthen the link between ocean and marine science and policy makers, by increasing the funding of transdisciplinary research on ocean issues and creating a science-policy interface on ocean sustainability.

Meet our Eurocean's Youth amabassadors

A year 2023 full of promise

In 2023, the young ambassadors of the Eurocean's Youth network will have two main areas of work: 

- Deepen the 12 recommendations that were published in 2022 and continue to disseminate them to international decision-makers during major events related to the Ocean

- To be the representatives and the relay of the great European consultation that Surfrider will launch in 2023 in view of the European elections of 2024. They will also write recommendations for this consultation. 

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