Art campus

Art Campus develops projects that put art at the heart of the link between the environment and human beings. The artist, as a citizen and stakeholder in the debate through his creations, introduces the public to sustainable development.

Art Campus: where art and education intersect

The purpose of Art Campus, a project launched in 2012, is to bring art and ecology together. The many ways in which these two fields are connected have yet to be explored. Therefore, exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs will be held throughout the year, providing the audience with a fresh, complementary perspective on our relationship with nature. Audience members take part in the creative process as well, by constantly raising new questions and engaging in a dialogue with the artist.

Art knows no boundaries; it can be a medium, but also a tool to change people’s habits. It is a political weapon. Surfrider Campus is a laboratory for educational innovation, a constant quest for fun yet lasting ways to raise awareness. 

Permanent artists exhibit some of their creations all year round, while others only stay for a month, sharing their thoughts on the environment or society with the public. 

With that goal in mind, we work throughout the year in close collaboration with artists, art schools and other education charities that recognise the merits of this approach. 

Throughout the seasons, the space dedicated to art hosts temporary exhibitions or children’s creative workshops. During school holidays, Surfrider Campus regularly organises meetings with artists in order to raise awareness on ecological issues through the development of artistic creativity.


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The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures animate everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's action.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.