Vendée, France


A dossier was twice launched concerning the risk of disappearance of the Wave of the Embarcadère located in the commune of La Tranche Sur Mer, in the south of the Vendée because of the construction of a new dike. This Wave is one of the legendary spots on the Atlantic coast for beginners and experienced surfers.

A legendary retreat spot, according to the Stormrider guide, the pier, located in Maupas Cove, is "the" wave Tranche par excellence, known to all surfers on the Atlantic coast. A real pleasure for the locals, this spot works especially during the off-season when the swells are heavy. It is also a wave of exceptional quality for beginners because of the safety it offers them (possibility to walk around, long sections of several hundred meters).

A few years ago (2008), this wave was threatened by the construction of a breakwater at the foot of the pier. This installation would have made it easier for boaters to access the site. But alternative solutions could be considered and thus allow the wave to be saved. This file had been closed since the project had been abandoned following the mobilization of many people.

In July 2010, this project was relaunched. Indeed, dikes were being built and the wave was more threatened than ever (rockfill tests carried out since July 12, 2010). If these dikes were to come out of the water permanently, the consequence would have been the pure and simple disappearance of the wave! In order to safeguard the wave, a petition was launched and presented at the meeting organized by the town hall in September. The help of the Association pour la Protection de l'Environnement de La Tranche Sur Mer and the great public mobilization generated by Olivier, the Coast Guard, have made it possible to take this wave into account in the work carried out in this area.

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