Vendée, France



The construction of one breakwater at the foot of the Landing stage to facilitate the access to the sailors threatened the wave of disappearance.

Spot of legendary fold, according to Stormrider guides, the jetty, situated in the handle of Maupas, is "the" perfect archetype of the "Tranchaise" wave, known to all the surfers of the Atlantic Coast. Real happiness of local populations, this spot works especially off season during the big swells. It is also a wave of an exceptional quality for the beginners because of the safety that it offers to them (possibility of making the tour on foot, the long sections of several hundreds of meters).

A few years ago, in 2008, this wave was threatened by the construction of one breakwater at the foot of the jetty. This installation would have allowed to facilitate the access to the sailors. But alternative solutions could be considered and allowed to guarantee the protection of the wave. This case has been classified because the project had been given up further to the mobilization of numerous people.


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