Ushant, France


Maritime Pollution of 80 km long and 300 m wide by an Egyptian Ship, the Al Esraa


On the 29th of September 2008, a Falcon 50 aircraft from the French Navy notices a suspicious-looking outline in the wake of the Egyptian cargo ship Al Esraa. The outline turns out to be an 11km long and 300m wide hydrocarbon trail around 80km northwest of Ushant Island.


Surfrider Foundation Europe has filed a civil suit to ensure that this pollution will be punished. These actions are in line with the status of the association, which aims to protect and enhance the oceans, waves and coastline.


SFE presses charges at the District High Court in Brest, which sentences the captain and the ship's owner to a € 1 million fine. This is a straight victory for SFE, who acts as the civil plaintiff in the case.

SFE is continuously fighting for the most effective enforcement of the marine environment laws in a context where such offences are far too often left unpunished. If we want to improve the state of our oceans, it is vital to hold the perpetrators of oil spills accountable for their actions.


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Waste from agricultural areas, urban areas, even sewage: many sources of pollution threaten the quality of our coastal waters.

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