Seine-Maritime, France



In 2006, the Autonomous Port of Le Havre decided to extend the Antifer oil port, thus threatening to cause the disappearance of the beach of Saint-Jouin-Bruneval and preventing all water sports activities in the area.

Consequently, the Keeper contacted us to inform us of this threat. In June 2007, a beach funeral was organised, where the Seine-Maritime Chapter teamed up with an action group made up of environmental associations to inform the local population of the consequences such a project was likely to entail. Around one hundred people gathered for this event, and over 5,000 signatures have been added to the petition. Thanks to numerous mentions in the local media, information on our actions was spread throughout the region. In December 2007, Surfrider participated in the public debate by presenting a stakeholders' notebook, and in the last session, the Keeper addressed an audience of 600 people to defend Surfrider's position. In July 2008, following a renewed gathering against the project, the developers reaffirmed their decision to pursue it. At the end of 2008, local politicians lodged an appeal to have the project withdrawn.

In January 2011, Gaz de Normandie announced a six-month freeze on the project due to a lack of funding. The Keeper remained vigilant until June 2012, when the new French Minister for Transport and Maritime Economy, Fréderic Cuvillier, announced that the project had been officially abandoned. The Antifer Port project is hence not going to happen.

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