Reunion Island, France


The natural site of Ti-Paris and La Pointe du Diable (Evil's rock) is an entertainment area for Saint-Pierre inhabitants (jogging, fishing, and surf) as well as a spiritual and religious place for the South part of the island. Moreover, this place represents a specific scenery on the Réunion  littoral, which had led to a specific protection (ZNIEFF 1, Espace remarquable) and is recognised as an urge conservation issue site. Unfortunately, this natural protected area is threatened by various and recursive pollutions: Savage rubbishes dump, sewage rejections, tyre garbage. These specific pollutions affect the littoral scenery and cause therefore discomforting smells for the visitors. We've been warned about these facts by locals, and we will do our best to react.

This spot is well known among the island for his shark attacks on the Pointe du Diable, and is regularly spoiled by household rubbishes and farmer rubbish dump closed in 1999.

Green vegetation on the site might attest the presence of sewages hardly charged in nutritive agents. Only few analysis could confirm this hypothesis.

This is a burning conservation issue. Indeed, spiritual and natural heritages are really important on this site and contribute to the south island identity.

SFE tried to contact the coucils of the impliced tows but never got any answer...

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