Porto Vecchio (Corsica), France


Within the framework of the Corsican Sustainable Urban Development Development Plan (PADDUC), several development projects have been launched. While the PADDUC should lead to a rational and sustainable development of the coastline, its interpretation by some municipalities contributes to the artificialisation of an already fragile coastline.

Among these construction projects, there are two golf courses and two tourist complexes on agricultural land in Porto Vecchio, and the development of a PLU per 100,000 non-permanent inhabitants...

In June 2008, a rally was organised to demand respect for Corsica's coastal heritage and affirm the desire to ensure respect for the Coastal Law. In March 2009, 29 out of 51 territorial councillors opposed the original project.

While the vote of the PADDUC had been suspended by the Corsican Territorial Authority (which sees the failure of its project coming), Nicolas Sarkozy relaunched it in February 2010 during his visit to the island.

A preliminary draft law was submitted for consultation to the Corsican Assembly which, in the deliberation of 17 December 2010, unanimously issued a favourable opinion, requesting, however, that a number of amendments and additions be taken into account, specifying, in particular, the inclusion of the PADDUC in the hierarchy of urban planning standards.

On April 4, more than 80 elected officials, members of associations and other land use planning experts discussed the PADDUC issue.

Cancellation of the Porto-Vecchio PLU by the Bastia Administrative Court on 20 May 2011

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