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Help to preserve the marine environment around the biggest port in Portugal: a 320 million Euro proposal for a port extension pose large threats to Matosinhos and Porto beaches. Within the current proposal, the waves and beach experience would be heavily affected.

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On top of this, the port of Porto is wanting to become one of the largest in Europe. According to the chapter, the project investment is around 320 million euros. It would worsen water quality on Porto and Matosinhos beaches, and important waves for the area's surfers would disappear.

The full project has been initiated in 2017, and for some parts, has started at the end of 2018. Concerning the extension of the breakwall, it should start in 2019 and end in 2021. According to our coastal defender, Tobe, the project should be delayed by at list 2 years.

A public consultation has been launched during the summer of 2018, and some of the members of the SurfSchool participated and they presented as well as the preliminary study they did for the Matosinhos parish council, as a researcher of CiTUR and the Center for Surf Research, which was submitted by the parish council.

Surfrider Foundation Porto has released a petition aiming to take the issue to a discussion in the Assembly of the Republic, calling for the suspension of the work. A quick precision, the petition is in Portuguese it is requested, in order to sign it, to give an ID number. But if you are not Portuguese, you can just put ‘xxxx' instead.

Link to the petition: https://bit.ly/2CeoZtm.


Our keeper Ricardo, is supported by the Surfrider Foundation Porto Chapter. He ran a programme to measure water quality twice a month, by collecting concrete and independent data to put pressure on local authorities (city, government, etc.) to find sources of pollution and take measures to safeguard the environment and surfers in dialogue and transparency.


The port extension represents a real threat against the waves and beach experience. Indeed, waves would probably disappear if this project is fully put in place.


Our main goal is to reduce the risks that this breakwater extension will cause to the environment, by influencing them to take the less impactful option possible.

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Waste from agricultural areas, urban areas, even sewage: many sources of pollution threaten the quality of our coastal waters.

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