Plentzia, Spain


The dredging project of the harbor of Plentzia (Bay of Biscay, Spain) put in jeopardy the ecological stability of the marine ecosystems and a surf spot. In 2007, many demonstrations were organized to protest against this dredging project leading to the extinction of the wave of Plentzia for two or three years, as it was the case for the waves of Mundaka and Rodiles (Asturias).

An action group composed of Barrika Surf Taldea, Alder Surf Eskola, Peñatxuri Surf Taldea, Extrémité Billano and the Basque Surfing Federation was formed in order to protest against the setting up of this dredging and thus to avoid the ecological impacts harmful to the practice of activities such as surfing, a booming sport in this region.

Local and nearby surf schools feared to be unable to practice their activities on the Plentzia zone, known as one of the best waves of Cantabria to learn how to surf.

The dredging has been done but without impact on the wave

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