Pietrosella (Corsica), France



Our Corsican chapter alerted us of a plan carried out by the District to expand Pietrosella port in order to end illegal anchoring. Unfortunately, this plan proved to be harmful to the environment of the site.

The Corsican chapter informed us of an expansion of Pietrosella marina. Its goal was to spare the impact of so called wild anchoring (tinkered tires and other wastes) and replace it with moorings. Thanks to some documents including impact studies, this project obtained prefectorial Authorisation of Zoning. Actually, it happens that the performance of this project does not quite comply with the initial announcements and it represents a danger for the herbaria of posidonia.

Indeed, the initial anchoring systems - preventing digging out protected seaweeds - does not seem to have been renewed for the new facilities. Furthermore, the construction of certain zones seemed questionable.  Therefore, actively supported by its Corsican chapter along with action groups, Surfrider succeeded in warning the concerned authorities.

In view of the documents presented, the concerned coastal affairs suspended the project. Surfrider is delighted with this progress promoting coastlines protection and hope that the suspension remains as long as a solution respecting the environment has not been found.

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