Pas-de-Calais, France


Objection to a project to install 22,500 mussel pilings on Sangatte Beach (affecting a 9 km long stretch of sand), which would jeopardise access, bathing, and water sports at the site.

Surfrider Foundation Europe joins the collective constituted of local residents and aiming to protect the beach.

In September 2006, the local population and Surfrider get together to highlight the necessity to protect this beach and all activities that depend on it.

Following this demonstration, the local politicians offer their support. The local council prohibits the installation of the pilings and the company is forced to cancel its project.

During a round table discussion, the mediator states that "the installation of pilings on Sangatte Beach would not be viable", and the Sub-Prefect adds that "no Bouchot pilings will be installed in Sangatte", all in accordance with the Maritime Affairs Department and the local mussel growers.

In 2008, the project on the installation of mussel pilings is cancelled.

Fred is a member of the "Collectif pour sauver la plage" ('Collective to save the beach').

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