Northern Holland - Forbidden surfing


The Holland Surfers Association (HSA) has launched a campaign against The Hague council proposed ban on surfing at the most popular local spots.

The Hague council has distributed proposals concerning access management to the local coastline. This includes a proposal to ban surfing on the southern stretch of the city's beaches for safety reasons. Other contentious proposals include banning surfing during peak holiday seasons. These proposals have been published without a single explanation for why a surfing ban should be so desired (past incidents or perceived risks).

In the past the council has sought the HSA's input on matters concerning recreational activities on the coast but it has failed to do so in this case.

In an attempt to protect their rights, the HSA and its partners (SFE Chapter Holland, sponsors, Surf schools, etc.) have written a letter to the council asking for an explanation. One surfer has written a stand on the issue that has been signed and sent back to the city council by many surfers. Meanwhile a petition has been started along with a sticker campaign (stickers are being distributed free of charge by HSA, local shops and surf schools) and a hundred of surfrers was gathered around a "love circle".

This great mobilization permited to make the Town Council cancel its surfing ban!

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