Manche, France



The Dielette Respect Environment Association requested our help in its battle against the extension of a dock by EDF  (Electricite de France), in the port of Dielette, destined for the unloading of construction materials for the EPR  (European pressurised reactor) nuclear reactor being built at the new power station in Flamanville.

Dielette Respect Environment Association's battle against the construction of a new unloading dock on behalf of EDF has, alas, run aground. The Association approached us for support because one of the consequences of the new dock will be the disappearance of a left-hand break popular with surfers in Cotentin. From the beginning of the project, EDF had the backing of the district council and the local community in Pieux. Nevertheless, we took part in the campaign to put pressure on the authorities. While this action has had little effect, we have stressed, along with the Dielette Respect Environment Association's president, the need for greater transparency in the project and a construction that respects the landscape of the port. The first deliveries bound for the nuclear power station in Flamanville are expected in 2009. The work was suspended by the nuclear safety authorities due to the power plant's foundation failing a routine inspection, resulting in a reprieve for the break in Dielette. Make the most of it while there is still time!

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