Malpica, Spain


In order to reload in sediments the urban beach of Malpica, the general direction of the coast of Galice wants to extract a certain amount of sand by dredging from a beach nearby considered as one of Galice's wildest beaches. The extraction process is massive and could severely impact the ecosystem.

A neighbor from Malpica alerted us about the project initiated jointly by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment and the general direction of the coast of Galice concerning the extraction of 102.000 m3 of sand from the beach of Seiruga (beach free from tourist facilities) so as to reenfattening the urban beach of Malpica located nearby.

The goal of the operation is above all to increase the size of the beach of Malpica so that it will be able to welcome more tourists for the summer.

Dredging work will lead to comings and goings of trucks and it will create minor oil pollutions. Moreover, the extraction process may jeopardise the ecosystem of the beach of Seiruga. 30 years ago, this same beach had already suffered from a sediment extraction of which effects are still visible nowadays.

We are well aware of the different parts of the project amongst which the impact study..

Dredging operation due to start 1st April, it will be tough for us to lead an action. A group of neighbour of Seiruga has redacted a mail to the municipal advisor in order to delay the beginning of the operation.

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