Landes, France


Fishes death noticed off Capbreton coast.

We've been alerted by one of our sympathizers of an important presence of dead fishes on the French seaside of Capbreto. This phenomenon has been observed on various sites (Soustons, Contis, Capbreton, Hossegor and the Adour's mouth). After some analysises , fishes picked up were mainly mullet, bass, turbo…

One week after the first death fishes has been observed, many phone calls have been given; a bacterial contamination has been diagnosed. This is a non-human contagious bacterium called “Pasteurellose”. As a result, there weren't any danger for the swimmers or for fish consumers.

This is an opportunist bacteria, that is to say that we can find it for natural reasons in the fishes body system without affecting them. The phenomenon breaks out when fishes are stressed. So the bacteria comes out when their environment is polluted or when physical-chemical characteristics of the water change.

The survey couldn't identify the origins of stress!

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Waste from agricultural areas, urban areas, even sewage: many sources of pollution threaten the quality of our coastal waters.

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