Ilbarritz, France


There are strong suspicions that the maintenance personnel of Ilbarritz Golf Course regularly empty the pesticide vats and other weed killers directly into the drains that spill into the Lamoulie Stream, which in turn joins the ocean at Ilbarritz Beach.  As a result, micro algae have repeatedly been discovered at low tide in the vicinity of the golf course.

Following the witness report of one of our members who sent us pictures as evidence for the disposal of pesticides and intranchemicals used by Ilbarritz Golf Course and its lawn mowers, we decide to carry out further enquiries. We contact the competent services from the local council, the Water Police, the DDAS (French Departmental Directorates for Health and Social Affairs), and the owners of the golf course. Despite the evidence for this abuse, the owners of the golf course deny any responsibility. However, the National Board for the Environment and Aquatic Environments takes on the dossier and begins to monitor the alleged disposals at the site.

At the same time, the criminal discharges stop, and we consider the battle as won. Yet after a few years, the golf course resumes its bad habits. In the meantime, several pollution problems in the Lamoulie Stream have led to the establishment of a new Keepers of the Coast file, to which the issue of bad practice by the golf course is added.

Philippe, the Keeper of the Coast from the battle against the Ilbarritz Golf Course has become the Keeper in the battle surrounding the Lamoulie Stream.

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