Finistère, France



On the 6th of March 2008, a French customs airplane on a surveillance mission detects a 24 km long and 100 m wide layer of marine pollution at 100 km west of the Brest coast in the wake of the container ship Ecuador Star, which is sailing under Liberian flag.

Once again, Surfrider is initiating proceedings and acts as the civil plaintiff as we can no longer allow for such behaviour to go unpunished.  We therefore press charges at the District High Court in Brest to claim for criminal indemnification. The trial takes place on the 1st of October in the presence of a large number of associations. The defence lawyer attempts to nonsuit all of the associations, but Surfrider's claim is declared to be admissible.  The verdict is due to be pronounced on the 7th of January 2009, and we are impatiently awaiting this date.  We are hoping that the marine environment laws will be enforced to finally make the perpetrators of polluting discharges assume their responsibilities.

The judgement is rendered on the 7th of January. The captain and the ship's owner are found guilty by the Brest courts. This is thus a new victory for Surfrider Foundation, and we are happy to see that sanctions are being brought against 'ocean polluters'.

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