Doubs, France



Risk of the disappearance of the static wave of Malate in Doubs following  the construction project of an hydro-electric powerplant.  The site is one which is relatively frequented and whereby competitions take place.

Surfrider was warned in March 2008 when the wave was threatened by disappearance at Malate, owing to the construction of two hydro-electric powerplants on the said site.  The works would modify the specific profile of the banks and the bottom of the dam, which are essential for wave formation.  This spot is well known in both France and abroad, by groups which include surfers and free-style kayakers. Surfrider, being conscious of the stakes present, is searching for further information on the subject.  After some investigations, it turns out that the town council, which rather favours the project as it gives the city a modern image, has finally agreed to negotiate the installation of the power plant and on certain other developments.  In brief, the permission to proceed with the project was granted, with the partial stop of turbines to preserve the wave at "half-time".  It is better than nothing, as would say the partisans of the project.  It is thus a victory mitigated for Surfrider and the group " Let us save Malate ", but a victory all the same, knowing that the city waits for 2015, when the French Freestyle championships will be taking place.

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