Corsica, France


Within the framework of PADDUC (Sustainable Development and City Land Settlement), many planning projects emerged. With the PADDUC, coastlines are meant to be developed in a reasonable and sustainable way. Because this plan has been misinterpreted by some districts, our fragile coastlines may become quite artificial. For instance, against coastline law, one discovers construction projects of villas in Bonifacio and in Cala Longa, for Sirs Seguela and Sullitzer. These villas are meant to be built on extremely large plots of lands running at the edge of the sea and they involve the clearance of natural zones.

Among these construction projects, one discovers Coti-Chjavari - a villa meant to be built on very large footbridges at the edge of the sea and the disappearance of outstanding areas from the PADDUC maps along with the clearance of natural zones. Sir Carlotti - boosted by his great experience in real-estate in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - wished to enjoy the peacefulness of Corsican coastlines in the heavenly town of Coti Chjavari.

There was a necessary choice between the protection of French coastlines and personal interests. Sirs Seguela and Sullitzer wished to have a place of their own in the Mediterranean for the summer.  To the detriment of coastlines protection, they obtained the building permits so long awaited for but those were suspended by the Council of State. Our Corsican chapter did its utmost in order to ruin this project and we are proud to credit them with this victory.

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8 million tons of waste are thrown into the ocean each year – 80% of which is plastic.

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