Bouches du Rhône, France


Many people were worried about a possible renewal of the oil exploration permit in the Mediterranean Sea. A permit had originally been granted in 2002 to the British company Melrose Resources for an area of 25,000 km2 off the shores of Marseille, and they had been hoping for 15 months that this permit would be extended.

Since 2010, Surfrider has been fighting for a moratorium on all projects for new oil platforms in Europe until new European standards are adopted. As the Rhône Maritime permit became a Keeper of the Coast case, Surfrider mobilised against its renewal and adopted a clear position against drilling platforms. The Keeper and Surfrider Bouches-du-Rhône Chapter organised various initiatives against oil platforms in the Mediterranean Sea. They carried out a ‘port initiative referendum', where residents of Marseille were asked to give their opinion on the project by holding up a white fish (against) or black fish (for). The result was indisputable; the great majority was against any new oil exploration in the Mediterranean Sea. In cooperation with other associations, we also participated in a public referendum and several gatherings against offshore drilling platforms.

During a State visit to Caen on Friday, the 6th of April, the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy clearly announced his position against all new searches for hydrocarbon resources in the Mediterranean Sea. This declaration was confirmed later on by his campaign spokesperson and Minister for Environment, who maintained that the oil exploration permit for the Mediterranean Sea would not be renewed.

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