Borgo (Corsica), France


Within the framework of the Corsican Sustainable Urban Development Development Plan (PADDUC) several development projects have been launched. While the PADDUC should lead to a rational and sustainable development of the coastline, its interpretation by some municipalities contributes to the artificialisation of an already fragile coastline.

In Borgo, we deplore the installation of a complex of public facilities (housing, gendarmerie, amphitheatre, green theatre, town halls, municipalities, post office, school) on the Espace Remarquable de la Pinède.

On 30 December 2010, the municipality approved the simplified revision of the Borgo Land Use Plan, which makes it possible to create a lagoon cordon of the Marana at a place called Pineto, a building zone.

The U Levante association has attacked this simplified revision.

In 2011, the government introduced the draft law on the PADDUC. The bill was passed unanimously in public session in the Senate.

On November 04, 2011, the Bastia Administrative Court pronounced the total cancellation of the revision of the Borgu/La Marana Pinetu POS. This judgment follows an appeal by the associations U Levante and Le Garde, with the support of the collective for the Littoral law.

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