Berria, Spain


Dunes of the beach of Berria, a Santona's Spanish district, are the object since several months of a weeding operation particulary aggressive from Cantabrie's government which have undertaken to eradicate a plant called carpobrotus edulis. This ornamental plant native of the Mediterranean is a species well-known to be invasive since it proliferates fast and prevents other species from evolving. However, the dune environment is very fragile and the eradication policy of the government is doing a lot of damages on the whole vegetation of the dealing area.

On a mail dated on the 23rd of december 2009, the government diddn't really apologize for what it did, reminding us that the eradication campaign did not concern nothing but the invasive plant, which is quite difficult for us to accept in a view of photos sent to us. These photos show a subsidence of dunes and an upsetting desertification. The general direction of the biodiversity in Cantabrie however insisted on the protection measures its services implemented and confronted us about the importance of preserving the ecosystems. We are currently trying to come up with methods as efficient as the chemical products used to eradicate the invasive plant, but above all less detrimental to the native species.

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