Bayern, Germany


In Munich, the static wave of Reichenbach on the Isar River became threatened by a new renaturation project for the river, which was introduced by the city's urban planning authorities.

The former German Surfrider Köln Chapter reacted fast and teamed up with other very engaged associations and citizens against this project. Numerous surfers and canoeists took over the river to demonstrate the importance of the Reichenbach Wave. Around one hundred spectators gathered to watch the event. Surfrider, Petra, the Keeper, and the German chapter were not opposed to the renaturation project as such, but wished to support the local surfers and pressed for a re-examination of the project so that this beautiful static wave could be saved.

Work on the project began in 2011 and is now finished. According to the local authorities, the demands of the surfers were taken into account. However, the quality of the wave has been drastically reduced and the spot is no longer surfable.  For the Keeper, the battle against the disappearance of the wave is lost, but she has not given up the fight to save other waves in Germany. Certain water sports activists are at times still able to surf the wave under very particular meteorological conditions. The outcome of this battle is therefore very subjective and depends on the affinities of each person, which is why it has been classed as 'archived'.

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