Bastia (Corsica), France



The battle emerged as a reaction to a project aiming to extend the port of Bastia through the creation of another port at La Carbonite. This is a major project with a budget of over 220 million Euros, which would extend the commercial port at Bastia to 110 hectares. The project is within the framework of the PADDUC (Sustainable Development Plan for Corsica).

The extension of the commercial port towards La Carbonite would lead to the destruction of the Posidonia sea grass and other protected species in the area. It would also entail a disruption of water currents, which could potentially have an impact on nearby areas such as the Biguglia Lake and Arinella Beach.

The Corsican Regional Authority solicited the Minister for the Environment for an exceptional permission to pose threat to an endangered species and is offering compensation payments in return.

Three years later, in January 2013, the National Committee on Nature Protection gave exceptional permission to upset a protected species. "The destruction of 50 hectares of Posidonia sea grass in the waters surrounding the construction site could be compensated by the creation and sustainable management of 7 hectares of marine protected areas along the eastern coast of the island."

However, within the context of the economic crisis, the project now appears to be in abeyance. Sarah, the Keeper, remains attentive and watchful with regards to any further developments.

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