Barcelona, Spain


On the beaches of Barcelona, the authorities began to carry out the work of the beach closures by building dikes T shaped. What will result to transform the beaches into "pools" where water will not be more renewed as before.

In result the waters will move slower which would thus increase the temperature of the water, resulting the risk that bacteria will develop.

This type of construction also will make disappear waves, thereby preventing the practice of surf.

On some beaches of Barcelona including the Barceloneta Beach rock work has already started causing great despair of the catalan collective "SOS plages" which fight against these development projects.

A demonstration was organized by the collective to show their opinion on these projects. It was a great success because it brought together a large number of participants! However the Spanish administration intends to export this disastrous development across the coast of Catalonia, which will also result in a even more artificial coastline.

This is why the collective proposes a sustainable and balanced management with specific measures for the protection of the coasts and beaches.

You can also join Surfrider Foundation Europe to fight the artificialization of the Spanish coastline!

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Coastal erosion, rising water levels, maritime transport, offshore platforms: the health of our coasts and oceans is permanently under threat.

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