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Federating and committed personalities

The Surfrider « Ocean Community » gathers about 120 000 people from all different backgrounds with a uniting passion for the ocean and their concern about coastline protection. Among them is a number of prominent figures from the sport, media and music industries who have chosen to use their influential position to bring public attention to the work and values of Surfrider Foundation.

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Founder of Surfrider Foundation Europe

« At the very beginning we were just 5 or 6 people sitting around a table, asking ourselves why Surfrider Foundation didn’t exist in France. Like everywhere else, there were water quality issues. Surfers taking part in competitions used to fall ill, and we weren’t realizing why back then.

We decided to establish Surfrider Foundation Europe in 1990, coinciding with the Menakos surf comp’ in Spain. More than 25 years later, I’m very pleased to witness the amount of progress achieved by the teams who took great care to conserve the project’s values and original spirit while developing a solid expertise. »

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Sponsor since 1994

“Liza pour une mer en bleus” is a proud and longtime contributor to Surfrider’s Ocean Initiatives.

« We need your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your projects to restore the original balance of our coastlines; and this on a long-term basis! The future depends on the work we do now, join us! »

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Professional surfer

« My first memories with Surfrider Europe are from childhood, participating in beach clean ups with my surf club. Now, because of surfing, I get to travel to many beautiful places all over the world.

But the unfortunate side is that I often witness the destructive impact of pollution in these areas. If I could use my influence as a professional surfer to sensitize at least one person, it would be a victory in my mind and a way of participating in a necessary change. This is what motivates me to be part of the Surfrider team. »

photo credit | RiBLANC


Kayaker, member of the International Olympic Committee

World renowned, award-winning kayaker and current member of the IOC, Tony Estanguet supports Surfrider Foundation Europe.


singer and musician

« As a surf enthusiast, I have a particularly strong connection to the environment, including the ocean. I grew up on the Bassin d'Arcachon, I like to recharge my batteries there alone, with family or friends. I am outraged by all forms of pollution we generate, including waste and all plastic packaging. If we do nothing, our children will no longer be able to enjoy these magical moments. I am convinced that we all have a role to play. This is the whole point of my commitment today with Surfrider. »

photo credit | Piège Studio



Laury Thilleman, journalist and Miss France 2011, supports the Ocean Initiatives. A dedicated surfer, passionate about the ocean and the environment, Laury commits herself whenever necessary.

« Surfrider Foundation Europe is an organization dear to my heart with which I’ve been establishing strong links. To think of our planet’s future and the well-being of generations to come is crucial. Because of this, I especially appreciate Surfrider’s awareness-raising measures aimed at children. I join Ocean Initiatives every year in March, but I also take care to be present for special events whenever my notoriety can contribute to a better understanding of the issues of ocean preservation. »

photo credit | Tim McKenna



« We all live by a water front. Surfrider’s Ocean Initiatives encourages you to join your neighbors, family and friends to clean up a lake, river or beach. Like an annual spring cleaning, it is important to remind yourself to do the same for our bodies of water at least once a year! »


Professional windsurfer and standup paddle

Raphaël supports Surfrider’s Ocean Initiatives.

« I’ve been a Surfrider supporter for many years for two reasons: the first reason is that our coastline is essential for the current generation and the coming ones; it’s obviously a worthy cause to me. People like me who have the opportunity to enjoy it all year long cannot ignore the disasters caused by multi-source pollutions.

The second reason is that the Surfrider family is a group of highly motivated and passionate people. They are present on all fronts and their day-to-day devotion has no limit. Water quality analysis, youth education, waste clean-ups, events management like Ocean Initiatives or Beach Days, national and European lobbying… My commitment is so small compared to the amount of work these people produce. You too, help them before it’s too late! »

photo credit | Manu Morel

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Surfer and musician

Sculptor, drawer, singer, songwriter and composer, Peter Harper is an accomplished artist, but also a devoted surfer. He’s an active supporter of the Surfrider educational programmes, particularly through the Art campus activities.

« I joined the Surfrider team because, let’s be realistic, who would pretend to save the planet without helping preserve the oceans. They are the most incredible gifts on Earth ! »

photo credit | Guillaume Guerin


Professional windsurfer

Gregory Penne, professional windsurfer, supports Ocean Initiatives and Surfrider’s water quality program.

« Since contracting a serious lung disease due to bacteria in ocean water, I’ve realized how significantly mankind impacts the environment. For us who like to play in the elements, it is easy to see their power, but we often deny or even ignore their vulnerability. More than anyone, it is our duty to preserve coastlines, lakes and rivers to be able to continue to enjoy our best playgrounds. A huge thank you to the Surfrider Europe team for having allowed me to become one of their ambassadors! »

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Professional surfer

« As I travel a lot, I’m constantly shocked by the progressive degradation of the ocean and coastline. This worsening problem is why I got engaged with Surfrider Foundation Europe. I mainly take part in the Ocean Initiatives because as a surfer and ocean lover, I’m confronted every day with water quality and marine litter related issues. »



« When you sail, you are close to the elements. Unfortunately, we sometimes –actually, too often- face ocean degradation. I want to protect the environment in my own modest way. Everybody has to do the same, we must raise awareness; take a step forward.

That’s why I’m sincerely glad to become ambassador for Surfrider Foundation Europe. I share the same values. I will do my best to spread its messages, especially concerning ocean protection. »



« To surf waves, to play with nature, to travel, to discover the world to be free is an incredible privilege, but we can’t stay blind and unmoved by what’s happening. We can’t stay inactive. We are the first line of environmental protection. We are the forefront spectators, either surfing, kiteboarding, snowboarding or windsurfing.

I support Surfrider’s Ocean Initiatives because even if a beach clean-up seems like the tip of the iceberg, it is a key event where people learn, children share with their parents, everyone realizes that finding batteries, plastic bottles and fridge carcasses is not something normal; that’s what makes the event unforgettable. Last year in Dunkerque, we mobilized kite and windsurf clubs, and the UNSS (National Educational Sport Union) to host coastal activities after the clean-up like SUP, windsurfing, and kite boarding. Everybody went home smiling and the group collected 7M3 of trash. »

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Surfer and musician

« I’m proud to support an organization such as Surfrider Foundation Europe, which knows how to spread the word and also prove that surfers are not only guys seeking the wave’s thrill but also conscious people concerned about the environment! »



Guillaume Nery is a several time freediving world champion. He explains why he supports Ocean Initiatives.

« I can only truly live a free diving session to the ocean depths when I reach the perfect harmony between my body and the liquid element. I think this image symbolizes the ideal relationship between man and the environment.

I’ve got the privilege to explore worldwide oceans and seas and every time I break the surface I’m filled with ever stronger new emotions and convictions. It is our duty, each of us, to respect this magical universe. I’m proud to be a Surfrider Foundation ambassador, defending the same values by representing the other side of the ocean, the underwater world. »

our values


The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures animate everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's action.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.