Surfrider Europe x The Little Prince: a new collaboration to educate people about protecting the ocean


Until June 29, the Little Prince's Target Oceans fundraising campaign is open. The donations received will be entirely donated to Surfrider Europe and will help finance the work of the ocean protection association while developing new educational content co-produced by the Saint-Exupéry Foundation and Surfrider Europe's Ocean Campus.   

Jusqu’au 29 juin prochain, la cagnotte Objectif Océans du Petit Prince est ouverte. Entièrement reversées à Surfrider Europe, les donations reçues permettront de financer le travail de l’association de protection de l’Océan tout en développant de nouveaux contenus éducatifs coréalisés par la Fondation Saint-Exupéry et l’Ocean Campus de Surfrider Europe.   

(66% tax deductible and I receive gifts signed by The Little Prince)

 Surfrider Europe is proud to announce its collaboration with the Saint-Exupéry Foundation

Every 29th June, the International Day of the Little Prince is celebrated. Once a year, the Saint-Exupéry Foundation organizes educational events to raise awareness of a particular issue among young and old alike. As the Little Prince celebrates his 75th birthday in 2021, he has decided to join forces with Surfrider Europe to educate his audience about protecting the ocean. This is no mean choice, of course, since the iconic book has carried a visionary environmental message since its publication in 1946.

Schools are therefore invited to participate in waste collection operations organized by Surfrider Europe in several major cities in France throughout this edition. Also, by giving the floor to committed personalities, "Draw me the world of tomorrow" podcasts produced by the Foundation are a good way to breathe a wind of renewal and to spread a message of positive ecology inspiring all generations. Available on various platforms since May, they will soon be completed by many other educational tools, resulting from a new collaboration between the Saint-Exupéry Foundation and Surfrider Europe.  

A long-term partnership: towards the co-creation of educational tools to raise awareness of ocean protection

In addition to joining forces for Little Prince Day alone, the two organizations have chosen to develop a long-term partnership based on their shared principles and values. Saint-Exupéry's work can be interpreted as an ecological fable that was ahead of its time, and it is very similar to Surfrider Europe's fight, with certain passages being particularly revealing: "It's a question of discipline [...] when you've finished washing up in the morning, you have to wash up the planet carefully", explained the Little Prince, for example, the ideal ambassador for inviting future generations to think about protecting the ocean.

Surfrider Europe and the Saint-Exupéry Foundation have taken up his message and adapted it to contemporary ecological issues. They have therefore decided to develop attractive educational kits to raise awareness of this issue among young people. These contents, available on the Ocean Campus, will be an opportunity to feed the educational component of Surfrider Europe, particularly important for the association which believes in the strength of commitment of future generations.   

Make a donation to support this project and win lots of gifts!

In order for such an educational project to see the light of day, the Saint-Exupéry Foundation has recently set up an eco-solidarity fund. Open until June 29, all donations received - the goal being to reach 10,000 euros - will be donated to Surfrider Europe. Therefore, there are only a few days left to support the work of the association and promote its development in environmental awareness! 

In addition to supporting a worthy cause and protecting the lungs of our planet, this donation will allow you to benefit from a 66% tax deduction on your next income tax bill and, perhaps, to receive one of the many eco-responsible gifts offered by Surfrider Europe and the Saint-Exupéry Foundation: a compilation of the educational content to be released soon, the book The Little Prince and Ecology, a box of Tea from the Writers, a Little Prince bento lunch box, a Surfrider Europe water bottle... and even a family pass for the Little Prince amusement park! So don't wait any longer and take part in Objectif Océans!

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