Surfrider Europe sees increased corporate engagement in 2019


Corporate Awareness Days (JSE) is a service that Surfrider Europe offers to companies who wish to improve their employees’ sense of environmental awareness, while at the same time creating a fun and engaging team building experience. During the 2019 season, the program reached record-breaking highs in both satisfaction levels and number of participants involved. 

A program in full expansion

With the busy summer season having passed, it is time to assess our actions, and this season the JSE program served more companies than ever before!. This season JSE engaged more companies than ever before, reaching beyond 2000 employees during 44 days of team-building actions; a growth rate of 3x the figures from 2017. Because JSE actions can be adapted to suit the desires of each unique company i.e conferences, workshops or waste collections, several institutions chose to host more than one Corporate Awareness Day after observing a positive shift in their company culture following the experience.

Surfrider Europe expanded its team of animators in 2019 to meet the growing demand for the service. Seen as a sign of shifting social consciousness, the ngo welcomes this expansion and is enthusiastic to continue broadening its engagement throughout the corporate sector.

Surfrider relies on the professional environment

Corporate Awareness Days serve as a lever of action in Surfrider Europe’s mission to raise awareness among all sectors of society and inspire a lasting environmental change. Increasingly more corporations are interested in cultivating an ecological morality within their company culture and JSEs serve as an effective introduction by introducing best practices and knowledge sharing among employees. Coming from various fields (construction, textiles, high technology, service...), these companies are determined to change their habits which could be considered harmful to the environment. Even if some of them start from very far away, Surfrider Europe is passionate about engaging as many of them as possible.

By the commercial nature of their different businesses, those companies engaged in JSE have a strong potential to convey a large-scale message of sustainability and influence eco-actions within their communities and customer base. Data suggests that citizens prefer to support companies who exhibit an environmental awareness and Surfrider Europe is passionate about applying its 30 years of outreach and expertise to support this behavior.

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