Reset Your Habits: to counter plastic bottles pollution, let's change our habits!


After the plastic bag, Surfrider is on to fight a new oceans and rivers serial-litter: the plastic bottle! To understand why is it that important to change our habits, Surfrider launches "Reset Your Habits" a new awareness and citizens mobilisation campaign. Discover the concrete actions proposed and spread the word around you!

The issue, in few numbers

In Europe, it isn't less than 52 billion of water litres that are bottled and consumed each year. Per person, it represents 109,9 litres of water and almost the equivalent in bottle quantity per year. How many of these plastic bottles end in the environment? About 1,8 million of tons of PET bottles collected and recycled in one year on the european market, which represent only 59% or the bottles on the market. What happen to the others which aren't recycled ? Most of time, they end their way in the environment as the result of incivility acts or because of a landfill management problem. As a part of the Ocean Initiatives, Surfrider pick them up each year by tens of thousands on the beaches and the water courses. In 2016, 25 744 plastic bottles have been collected, representing almost 10% of the collected waste volume.

Who is the campaign “Reset Your Habits” for?

To stop this environmental disaster, Surfrider has chosen to get to the issue source: us, it means the citizens, who consume many plastic packaging, most of time missing information or alternative solutions in terms of containers volume and the materials used. Some alternatives more sustainable should be proposed by the industrials and that are nowadays insufficient and unsatisfying. Without forgetting the political bodies - locals, nationals or Europeans - that must go with the societal changes and to promote the circular economy to tend even more to the reuse and recycling.

Each one has a role to play!

Discover the "Reset Your Habits" Campaign

How to “change our habits?

The Surfrider main goal is to raise public awareness in giving the possibility to the internet user to communicate about the campaign through a “social networks kit” ready to use. This one has numbers and visuals impacting on the plastic bottles. But also, and especially, the campaign goal “Reset Your Habits” is to propose concrete alternatives such as the daily use of a reusable bottle and the important presence of water fountains in our environment.

It is here that the Surfider lobby role comes on. For Surfrider, the European states must encourage their citizens to reduce their plastic bottle consumption in general, in paying attention to their potable water quality. The different governments also have to encourage the plastic bottles recycling, which is insufficient in Europe, and to make sure that the bottles are efficiently recycled or managed to stay in the circular economy cycle.

The states should persuade the industrials to produce larger containers such as the 5 litres can or more, and the materials more sustainable and reusable, in being fossil fuels free.

Finally, some states have to draw heavily on the good initiatives already started concerning the deposit-refund-glass system, the potable water spots availability in public areas, or to highlight the shops forbidding the small volume plastic bottles sale (20cl, 25cl, 33cl), or the ones giving priority the drinks bulk distribution.





I download the kit

The highlights of the campaign

The campaign “Reset your bottle” is organized around 3 mobilization high points:

  • Spring 2017: let's raise awareness!

During this first step of the campaign, Surfrider will invite its supporters to share and spread information about the plastic bottles impact on the environment and the campaign concerns. To do so, they can download as a kit “ready to use” which enable them to easily post on social networks to take on their community.

  • Summer 2017: let's switch to reusable bottles!

Throughout the summer, Surfrider will encourage its community to carry a flask or another reusable bottle to show their commitment for the oceans. With the Instagram challenge “Switch to reusable!” and the hashtag #ResetYourBottle, the citizens will be encouraged to publish a picture of their flask wherever they are, during their vacations or during their daily trips.

  • October 2017: take action around water fountains

At the end of the year and towards the vote concerning the European Union plastic Strategy that will take place next December, you will be able to use the campaign website to list the water fountains near their home. Our website will enable to make the connection with the Smartphone EAUpen application, developed in partnership with Gobilab. Practical, this tool will also provide information to the decision-makers in order to facilitate the water fountains installation in the public areas.

More you will share the campaign information, and more we will have the chance to be heard! To change the habits, all the voices matter! It's time to change our habits!

I'm up for the campaign “Reset your habits!”


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