Reset Your Habits, this summer let's adopt a water canteen!


Let's stop the embottlement of oceans! With this new campaign, Surfrider denounces the pollution of plastic bottles and values sustainable alternatives such as the reusable bottle. Made of stainless steel, BPA-free plastic or glass, the choice is broad to change habits.

The canteen, an essential summer accessory to preserve our ocean

In Europe, no less than 52 billion liters of water are bottled and consumed every year. It represents 110 liters of water per person per year and the same number of plastic bottles of 1 liter. The sustainable water bottles on their side are much more economical. Tap water can be 100 to 300 times cheaper than mineral water, depending on where you are. If one estimates that one drinks on average a bottle of 1 liter per day to several tens of cents, thus one would save several hundreds € per year.

Each year, environmental associations identify plastic bottles in the Top 10 of waste found on beaches and rivers. More than one million marine animals die every year due to plastic pollution and about 690 marine species are endangered. Reducing the consumption of plastic bottles can reduce the number of plastic fragments in the ocean and thus preserve biodiversity, ecosystems as well as taking care of our health !

PET is the kind of plastic generally used to make water bottles and other food containers. However, when it is exposed to sunlight, it can cause migration of traces of antimony trioxide, which could potentially be an endocrine disruptor and carcinogenic. Other plastics give off phthalates, bisphenol A and styrene… Avoid those risks by choosing to use more stable materials like glass or stainless steel.


















Take your reusable bottle on holiday!

In order to stop the plague of plastic bottles, Surfrider has chosen to tackle the very source of the problem by encouraging citizens to swap embottled water in favour of resusable water bottles. Indeed, this way we reduce our environmental impact, save money and preserve our health. The water bottle is definitely the essential accessory of summer... and a partner of our everyday life!

Starting on July 18, citizens will be encouraged to share the campaign's digital contents, starting with the "Back to Basics, Back to Reusable" video. They can also take part in the "Reset Your Bottle" challenge on Instagram. The goal: to set an example by bringing our water bottle to the beach or any other favorite holiday spot and this way, encourage others to change their habits with the usual hashtag #ResetYourBottle.

Finally, because Surfrider's primary objective is to inform and raise citizens' awareness, a new "social network kit" is available to citizens on the Reset Your Habits webpage. This kit contains new gifs and pictures.

Join the Reset Your Habits campaign to change the habits around you!



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