Participate in the biggest ocean-related consultation at EU-level


It's Bluedy Time, Europe ! is the biggest ocean-related consultation at a European level and the only one that will bring your demands on ocean issues directly to the European decision makers ahead of the 2024 EU elections. This is the link that will enable the EU institutions to have access to your knowledge and expertise on ocean issues.  

Make your voice heard 

It is an open consultation meant to reach all European citizens. We aim at giving voice to the people who lack the possibilities to directly impact the decision-makers. 

Whether it is on energy, plastic pollution, maritime transport or fishing – you name it - we will collect your ideas. It doesn't matter if you are experts or if you volunteer, if you live by or study the sea, if you work for or on the ocean or if you just love leisure activities at sea. The campaign platform offers you the possibility to participate in ongoing discussions or share new ideas. 

I make my voice heard

Bluedy Time Europe aims at offering EU citizens and civil society organisations who care and act for the Ocean the possibility to express their views on Ocean protection before we will reach out to political parties and candidates running for the 2024 EU elections. We want to put ocean protection at the centre of the European agenda ahead of the next elections and during the next EU mandate. Only if we - organisations and individuals who act for a thriving ocean - work together, we will be able to achieve impact and shape the vision of decision makers. 

Discover the official campaign

The 2024 EU elections: Building the future of our ocean together 

This campaign is taking place one year ahead of the next EU elections. They are the largest transnational elections in the world. The coming years will determine the future of our planet. The EU will make important decisions on Ocean issues, and we don't want to leave these matters in the wrong hands.

The European Parliament is the only directly elected EU institution. Every 5 years we have the chance to select the 750 MEPs who will represent us and help decide what kind of Europe we have. They adopt measures and amend policies that affect EU’s seas and coastlines.

All in all, whether the EU keeps pushing for strong environmental issues or not, greatly depends on how the Parliament is set up and who is at the top of the European Commission. Therefore, only if we have institutions that consider the seas and the ocean as a priority, will we see changes on their protection and restoration.  

How we will combine ocean action with citizen participation

We deeply believe in the importance of the participation of citizens and civil society in the EU decision-making processes. This citizen consultation is the best opportunity to combine both ocean action with citizen participation.

Until February 2023, the consultation platform is open to groups of experts, NGOs and European citizens to contribute with their expertise and ideas on the consultation. This collective phase will be followed by a voting phase. From March to April 2023, all European citizens will be invited to voice their support to the contributions made during the previous phase. 

From June to the elections, the goal will be to share these results with the current European Parliament and European political parties, during the Ocean week of 2023. We will start to inform them and urge them to include our proposals in their 2024 Manifestos.  

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