The politic strength of lobbying within Surfrider Europe


Private lobbyists defend interests of their clients in the eyes of legislators. Surfrider Europe’s lobbyists don’t defend their personal interests but only one cause: protection of the ocean. Back to the environmental defence speech, a main politic action lever of the association.

The politic defence speech within Surfrider Europe.

The lobbying work within association is fundamental, in addition to the awareness raising carried out among citizens, to reach decision-making authority. Surfrider Europe lobbying carries defence speech actions to adapt the legislative setting to the concern of protecting and ocean preservation. It also consists of reinforce environmental politic and to evolve economic model toward an ecological transition more respectful of human, nature and climate.

Lobbyists state their claims and their arguments with local, national and international public institutions. This defence speech as closely as possible to decision-taking authority can raise up our three main duties which are fight against aquatic rubbishes, quality of water and user’s health, lastly coastline protection.

How does it actually work ?

Policy officers of lobbying in Surfrider Europe proceed to an active involvement of consultation process, just like Voice for the ocean in 2018. They organize NGO coalitions as well, as it was during the publication of Blue Manifesto in 2020, manifesto which 102 organisations were signatory.

Their work is to meet with publics representative or by an open dialogue with economics agent as well. Finally, doing lobbying consists of making sure application of current legislatives are effectives, but also to do pass legislatives measures or concrete economic prevention, besides reduce at the root pollution.

Four videos to explain lobbying work

For a month, a weekly video will be posted on our YouTube channel and social medias in order to explain lobbying work within Surfrider Europe, especially against plastic pollution of the ocean. The first part of our mini-series, with Romain Quesada administrator in Surfrider Europe, will introduce you this politic action lever of the association.

Over the following videos, three members of the association who have lobbying missions will explain you more precisely of their national and European actions to ban plastic. Let’s see us next Friday with Cristina Barreau who will talk how to develop a political defence speech at Surfrider Europe over.

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