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Surfrider Foundation Europe has launched the Single-Use Rebellion (S.U.RE), a new campaign to fight against single-use plastic items that were banned on the European territory since July 3, 2021, but which remain on sale in many stores. The objective? To mobilize as many people as possible to report the sale of these plastic items throughout Europe. 

A European Directive adopted two years ago but still far from being applied 

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, the European Commission adopted a new law full of hope: the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive. This constituted a watershed moment, as this Directive requires all Member States to ban single-use plastic items on their territory before July 03, 2021. As a reminder, these single-use plastics represent the main source of litter found in coastal and marine environments. 

But can we really talk about a success today? In other words : is the European Union free of single-use plastic products?

The reality on the ground might be disappointing, since many of these banned plastics items are still present on the shelves of supermarkets and available for sale. That is why Surfrider Foundation Europe aims to mobilize  citizens across the European territory to take stock of this unrespected law, and to pressure Member-States to fully implement the Single-Use Plastics Directive.

Become a S.U.R.e Reporter : Find, flash and report single-use plastics

If you identify some of these plastic items while shopping, you can easily report them on the platform, directly from your smartphone. With a picture and some basic information, you can make a difference! Surfrider Foundation Europe will compile all the collected data in order to send a report to the European Union institutions on the non-implementation of the Directive. This way, we will make sure that all Member States correctly apply the European environmental law.

The more data we collect on single-use plastics, the more exhaustive and detailed our report will be. So don't hesitate to repeat the experience as much as possible! 

This will also enable us to name and shame the most reported companies that still distribute banned products. The more people join the movement, the more impact and influence we will have to stop the sale of single-use plastics in Europe. So grab your smartphone and become a rebel!

Join the rebellion

You want to go further? Become a S.U.RE Leader 

S.U.RE leaders are citizens who want to get more involved in this mobilization. They create local action groups and encourage their relatives to participate in this campaign. 

Don't worry, we are here to guide you on how to mobilize your own network! 

Become a local leader

The S.U.RE campaign runs until November 2021, but you can start today to flash single-use plastic items you find in stores. 

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