There is no age to start protecting the ocean


With the eco-delegate guide, everyone can take part and get involved in the protection of the ocean and our coastlines from middle school or high school. Understand the origin of waste and raise awareness among your family and friends, Surfrider Europe has already released its eco-delegate guide with simple actions to implement changes in collaboration with the illustrator Soledad

The protection of the ocean starts with little things

We often think that we have to live or be near the ocean to protect it, but 80% of the waste found in the seas, the ocean and the coasts comes from inland. Each one of us, at our own level, is able to change our consciousness and to engage our friends, our family, our classmates for a transition towards a more respectful way of life. 

Is waste the first predator of the oceans? 

Plastic is a real scourge for aquatic environments and for all the biodiversity present! Macro-waste or plastic micro-particles, today a large majority of the species living in the ocean and on the coasts are victims of plastic pollution. 

Reducing plastic consumption is actively participating in the protection of marine ecosystems. 

A guide for concrete solutions 

No need to wait until you are an adult to participate in the protection of the ocean, with the Surfrider eco-delegate guide, discover concrete, simple and effective actions to implement in the daily life of your college or high school.

It's up to you! Follow the guide and share with your friends and family all the tips for a healthy environment and ocean. 

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