Hamburg, a green city


At the end of January, Hamburg, the second biggest German city, introduced a new set of environmentally friendly recommendations through its “Guide for ecologically friendly supplying”. The guide outlines the main ecological rules the administrations of the city of Hamburg have to apply from now on.

No more plastic coffee capsules. No more plastic bottles, neither plastic cutlery nor plastic plates. No more toxic household products. From now on, only chlorine free household products will be used by the German city.

Hamburg's ecological guide further recommends to its administration staff to use bikes and public transport and even offers free subscription to them.

More generally, Hamburg citizens are asked to consider their consumption patterns and to adapt more eco-friendly ways.

With those measures, Hamburg is becoming one of the most green and innovative European city and is, as such, an example to follow.

Us, too, are moving ahead to make change happen. We organise the Ocean Initiatives 2016 where we emphasize the plastic bottle polution that we are eager to fight. This year, every beach clean up organizer receives a reusable cup in collaboration with the famous brand Klean Kanteen.

Léa Daulan, Environment Editor

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