#EnoughExcuses : Surfrider takes action for the International Day without Plastic Bags


This Monday 3rd of July is the International Day Without Plastic Bags. Surfrider Europe took this opportunity to launch the #EnoughExcuses campaign in order to encourage shopkeepers, public authorities and citizens to stop using plastic bags.

The plastic bag: a curse for the environment

Used on average for only 20 minutes, the disposable plastic bag is the symbol of our disposable consumer society. After being used, these bags are often thrown out, end up in the wild and become a real threat to the environment. They wash up on the coastlines and float in the oceans, where they have serious consequences on our fauna and flora. These bags slowly deteriorate and are ingested by marine species, contaminating them with chemical molecules derived from plastic. According to scientific studies, these pollutants pile up in the food chain and end up on our plates.

To fight this pollution, the European Union adopted a directive for the reduction of plastic bags on April 29th 2015. But so far, not all European countries have applied this directive and many plastic bags are still found on our coastlines.

Shopkeepers, public authorities and citizens: mobilization takes place at all levels!

On this International Day without Plastic Bags, Surfrider denounces the delay taken by European countries through an alarming report. More than 7 months after the deadline for the change, the results remain below expectations.

To expose the reasons for this delay, Surfrider launches the #EnoughExcuses campaign to stop weak excuses for using disposable bags. The aim is to relaunch the debate on the uneven application of the directive and encourage all parties involved to stop the use of plastic bags. The campaign video highlights the most common excuses given by public authorities, shopkeepers and customers to continue using them. Yet the solution is simple: Plastic shouldn't be capitalized. They can be replaced with a cloth bag, a tote bag, a basket or a backpack. We need to choose the reusable rather than the disposable. The alternatives, such as bioplastics, are not a true solution because they are still harmful to the environment and marine species.

European countries, shopkeepers, public authorities and citizens, it is time to stop making excuses for yourselves from banning plastic bags for sustainable alternatives!

Enough excuses!

Check the BAN THE BAG campaign

Check the report

Translation : Emilie Tocco

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