European election: discover which political parties take an interest in the ocean.


The election of the future European Parliament is a critical concern for the environment, including the marine world (we mentioned it here -> European Union: essential more than ever).  But which ones are the lists highlighting its preservation in their program? Surfrider Europe analysed the proposal of political parties from 5 European countries in order to perceive how the protection and preservation of the ocean is addressed in the program of our future decisions makers.

Ocean Friendly or not ?

Following the consultation Voice for the oceans made of 8 themes around ocean protection, Sufrider Europe established a criteria chart to determine if a political party has included the preservation of the ocean in its program or not, and if yes, in which way.

Among the 5 countries studied, 35 political parties are considered "ocean friendly" by Surfrider and offer concrete measures for its preservation.  Germany : 11 parties, France : 8 parties, Portugal : 6 parties, Spain : 6 parties, Belgium : 4 parties .

Interactive map 

A factual analysis of the programs

Surfrider Europe is a non political organisation, the goal of this study being far from giving favour to one or various parties, but making a summary of the oceans place in such important elections like those of the European Parliament. 

The future European deputies will have the heavy duty to preserve our environment and our ocean from those numerous threats: pollution, biodiversity, sea transport, climate change.  Surfrider Europe, for the next 5 years, will make sure that the European deputies respect the commitments on which they have been elected. It will ensure that the draft bill voted in the European parliament take into account the preservation of our environment.

Surfrider Europe has been fighting for years to make Europe recognize the ocean rights against the economical and industrial interests, and is strongly determined to go on being a player on the European political chessboard throughout the whole mandate of the future European deputies. 

We can only strongly remind you again the urgency to go and vote at those European elections which will decide the international and environmental politic for the next 5 years.  If you don't know who to vote for yet, vote for the ocean !

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