Break The Plastic Wave: in July, say Goobye to plastic


For several years now, Surfrider Europe has been fighting against plastic pollution at all levels. #PlasticFreeJuly, the month without plastic is the perfect occasion for the association to invite citizens, businesses and public institutions to join the battle. A dedicated campaign has been launched recently; Break The Plastic Wave, it all starts here!


Together, let’s ride the plastic free wave

Getting rid of plastic is a family business (or at least, a community one). This fight must be a joint action, considered at every level of our society, in order to positively impact our oceans and all marine life. Everybody can, in their own way, contribute to plastic reduction and even its removal in the long run (by the way, the #Just1Thing campaign is still on!).

Public institutions? It is well overdue to take useful decisions against plastic within European territories and set-up initiatives to fight against over-consumption of this harmful material. Businesses? It is time to move on, innovate and even surprise consumers by favoring zero waste, and by thinking “reusable” and “recyclable”. Citizens? You also have a role to play and non the least. Why not take advantage of #PlasticFreeJuly to rethink your consumption, get yourself heard or take part in a clean up on your favorite beach? 

Thus, each and every one of us can, in their own way, take part in this huge revolution. But also, only together will we be able to defeat the plastic curse and save our oceans.

For oceans, a 2-level curse

Plastic pollutes, that is no breaking news. Single use plastic is the tip of the Iceberg. Cotton swabs, water bottles, plastic straws (…), all items we would like removed from our daily lives. Indeed, all these small items used daily, often end up in the ocean and causes the death of numerous marine species, as they mistakenly eat them. “It will take time but they will disappear”, wrong! Single use plastics that can be seen floating at the surface are far from being gone; they will break up in small plastic particles but won’t disappear for good.

And the iceberg always has a hidden face… Single use plastics are not the only ones responsible for ocean pollution. Microplastics, invisible as they usually measure less than 5mm, are often forgotten in the fight. Yet, they also haunt ocean floors; often ending up in the ocean, this plastic comes from plastic objects’ degradation or particles released from daily actions. To better understand the phenomenon, Surfrider Europe released not long ago, this video.

For it to be all over soon, plastic consumption and above all, its production needs to be stopped! Indeed, real change will come from fighting the problem at its root. In July starts a new revolution: are you ready to break the plastic wave?

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