Act for our health and the Ocean’s

Currently, we don’t know the extent of chemical pollution in the Ocean, and its potential impact on our bodies/organisms. Eager to do something about it? You have until January 20th to fill out the citizen consultation on updating the European Bathing Water Directive. Let’s help make sure we swim and surf in a clean Ocean, and so do future generations.

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Coastal risks: discover the interactive map of Surfrider Foundation Europe

Artificialization of the coast, rising waters, storms...

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Beyond Plastic Med: the initiative against plastic in the Mediterranean

Every year, more than 200,000 tons of plastic are thrown into the Mediterranean , the most polluted ...

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Supporting participative science to protect our Ocean

Did you know that you also have a role to play in protecting the Ocean, even though you are not a sc...

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Milestone for the Dollemard landfill: Surfrider's advocacy work is paying off !

If you are familiar with the Normandy region, you probably know the Dollemard cliffs. This beautiful...

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Dark Friday for the Ocean: join our latest campaign to promote more sustainable consumption

Have you ever wondered where all your Black Friday and Christmas purchases actually come from? 90% o...

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Now is the time for companies to stop marketing single-use plastics !

Single-use plastics are still available on European markets, despite the recent adoption by the Euro...

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our values


The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures animate everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's action.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.