A look back at our 2022 waste collections: which litter was most frequently found on beaches?

The results of the participative and scientific waste collections organized by Surfrider, the Ocean Initiatives, are finally available! Cigarette butts, glass fragments, plastic bags, cotton swabs and fishing nets... Waste continues to accumulate in cities, along rivers and on beaches. Here is a look at the most common litter found in 2022.

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Ban on microplastics in cosmetics postponed again

We announced it on our social networks last week": the long-awaited vote on the European Commission'...

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The deposit return scheme : for the reuse of packaging and the reduction of plastic pollution!

More than 400 million tons of plastic are produced every year, 36% of which is packaging that we use...

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Restaurants : how to contribute to the protection of the ocean?

A few days ago, we introduced the restaurant BABETTE, a recent signatory of the OFR charter, resolut...

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Babette, a restaurant committed to the Ocean

Focus on Babette, a Bordeaux restaurant signatory of the Ocean Friendly Restaurant charter. How to b...

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A massive pollution phenomenon: Brittany beaches invaded by industrial plastic granules

After Finistère and Sables d'Olonne, it is now Pornic which is the scene of this invasion. The loca...

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Danone taken to court over its plastic use

Alongside ClientEarth and Zero Waste France, we are taking the food giant Danone to court for its us...

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