Fake waves on the coast: story of a non-sense

Surfrider Europe commits to fighting the construction of an artificial wave pool in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France, by launching an official Coastal Defenders action.

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Plastic pellets: new report out exposes alarming impacts across Europe

A new report published by Surfrider Europe denounces the alarming pollution caused by plastic pellet...

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Small plastics, big pollution: the case of biomedia

Small circular pieces of plastic stranded on beaches represent a form of ocean pollution that Surfri...

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500 times more microplastics in our ocean than stars in our galaxy

With 500 times more microplastics in our ocean than stars in our galaxy, Surfrider Foundation Europe...

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Plastic Origins: Artificial intelligence to stop pollution at its source

We now know that the majority of the plastic pollution in the Ocean comes from rivers that pass thro...

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Offshore Drilling : call on your MEPs!

On April 20, 2020, we commemorated the 10th anniversary of the largest oil spill in history. In 2010...

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Green Marine Europe: first recipients of the 2020 label certification announced

The Green Marine Europe certification program was born out of a collaboration between Surfrider Euro...

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The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures animate everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's action.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.