International Refill Day: start reusing to stop plastic!

While our dependency on plastic is out of control and our use of single-use plastics continues to rise, this Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 calls for World Refill Day. This day was created to normalize refilling and re-using, rather than using single-use plastics, is supported by the European NGOs coalition movement #wechoosereuse, in which Surfrider takes part, to reduce plastic pollution.

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Surfrider Campus Digital Week: become a water quality expert in just one week

On June 3, “All on board for Healthy Waters” paved the way for the forthcoming revision of the E...

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2020 European Bathing Water Quality Report: Surfrider Europe reacts and expresses its demands

As every year, the report on the quality of European bathing waters has just been published. Informi...

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All on board for Healthy Waters : take part in the conference for healthy waters en Europe

While only 38% of European surface water is classified as having good chemical status, 95% of bathin...

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Protect the coast by safeguarding the waves: the example of the Azores

Surfing and ocean protection are undeniably linked. This is why Surfrider Europe, which was created ...

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Project of a residential building in Valras: the coastline in danger

A new strategy to adapt to climate change and face coastal risks in a responsible way was recently p...

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Surfrider Europe's Green Sport program: a return to sources

The Surfrider Europe community, founded in 1990 by a group of surfers eager to protect the Ocean, ha...

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