The right steps to follow for the beginning of the new school year


Going green in the office

For many people, back to school means back to the office. Eco-friendly gestures can also be adopted at work. Whether it's during breaks or meetings, here are our best tips for an easy environmental transition.

1. Gourmet moments that respect the ocean

Yes, take-out and business catering are a plague for the Ocean. Much of the food packaging is single-use plastic. That is to say that its’ only purpose is to be thrown away once used. A simple gesture: choose something that can be reused. At the coffee break, bring your best washable mugs to avoid plastic cups. For lunch, you don't need to be a talented cook to bring your own handmade meal.  

2. Cigarettes at sea

Unfortunately, cigarettes are not only harmful to your health, they are also harmful to the environment. So be careful with the cigarette butts that are still too often thrown on the ground; keep in mind that one cigarette butt pollutes up to 500L of water. Our slogan at Surfrider: to throw on the ground is to throw in the sea. Inevitably, waste on the ground will end up either in a river, or in gutters (to finally finish in the Ocean, hence the slogan).

To discover many other ecological gestures to adopt at work, discover our complete guide here

When getting out of bed, adopt an ecological routine
No matter if you work in an office or not, you for sure have your very own morning routine. We have tips for you to deconstruct these habits, for your health and for the environment.


1. Plastic in our cosmetics
Ah the bathroms, they are often the markers of plastic, even where we do not suspect it. The most obvious one is packaging. For many products it is widely considered more hygienic to pack in plastic. But it is only more economical for companies. A solution: opt for glass containers, and as a bonus you can reuse them.

But plastic is not only hidden in packaging, it is also found inside some products in the form of intentionally added microplastics. Moisturizers, makeup, toothpaste... In 9 cases out of 10 our cosmetics contain microplastics that will remain forever in the environment and in the ocean.

2. Coffee VS tea: which team are you? 

If you prefer coffee, avoid disposable capsules and opt for a plunger machine or an Italian coffee maker. Each year, 20 billion individual coffee capsules are used throughout the world. That's a lot, especially when we consider that 3 times out of 4 they end up in landfills. If it's tea you prefer, switch to loose tea which will allow you to avoid plastic in the packaging as well as in the bag (which brews directly in the water you drink...). Are you ready for another sip?

Become an expert in zero waste

Changing your habits and starting an ecological transition to a lifestyle that is more respectful of the ocean is possible and above all accessible.
To do this, at Surfrider we suggest two very simple ways to make small changes that make a difference.

1. The Ocean's Zero application

To go at your own pace and find a lot of good advice on the same application, you can download our application Ocean's Zero. Ocean's Zero is your personal assistant, available at any time on your smartphone, to help you discover a zero-waste lifestyle. 

2. Sign up for the newsletter

Every Saturday, you will receive an email to accompany you in the transition towards a more respectful lifestyle for the Ocean. You will discover simple actions to implement, interesting stories and the impact you can have on the environment.

So are you ready for new habits this fall? It's up to you!

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