The Ocean also would need holidays


Here we go: the heat, the sun that shines late in the evening, the salty air, the lie-ins, … For most, July rhymes with the beginning of the holidays. We have dreamed about it, for months we have waited for it, but that is no reason to forget all our believes. What if this year, holidays were to rhyme with less waste? The environment would also like to enjoy a healthy break. 

A sweet break, but not for zero waste 

It has been proven; you can enjoy your vacations by protecting the environment! Indeed, when you think about it, it would be a pity to transform your favorite go-to summer place into a huge pile of waste. If you love your vacation spot, you need to respect it.

All the good instincts developed during winter are not to be forgotten because summer is showing up. By the ocean, by a lake or by a river (and even in your garden or on your balcony!), do not leave your waste behind, prevent using single-use plastics and try to eat local products as much as possible (that’s even the best way to discover the area).  

Surfrider Europe has even developed the perfect app to guide you, step-by-step, through waste reduction and ocean protection. Ocean’s Zero, that’s 25 challenges to fulfill in order to learn the right moves and limit environmental impact.  

What should be avoided at all costs? The morning swim that turns into a nightmare when coming out of the water with a plastic bag and 5 cigarette butts between your toes. 

Fashion and Ocean are not discordant

Incredible but true, recycling can also be worn! Even when selecting a bathing suit for the summer, protecting the environment can be considered. Today, most bathing suits are made of virgin (cotton) or synthetic (polyester) materials and are coming from far away countries. But more and more brands have decided to take a stand and reverse the trend.   
Bathing suits made in local factories, from recycled materials; it exists! The flagship material? Fishing net! Why not wear it like a fashion and bathing accessory rather than it trapping marine species in the oceans?   
If recycled material is not for you, there are lots of other alternatives. The first and most simple one: second-hand. That’s the perfect solution to buy a whole new wardrobe for the summer and limit environmental impact.  

It’s sunny and warm, what about biking   

When the cold was freezing our fingers, the rain was coming along our Sunday’s strolls, it was difficult to let the car in the garage and grab a bike or a scooter. Today, let’s be honest, a bike ride under the sun is much nicer than being trapped in a car.
  For sports lovers and all the others, this summer, let’s favor environmental-friendly transports. Surfrider Europe is convinced that after a nice walk, waves will even be nicer. 

Protection, a double stake

Protecting the Ocean is important, but so is protecting your skin. Hopefully, both are not incompatible. We know it, sunbathing is good for mental health, it would be too bad if it wasn’t healthy. This summer let’s get protected against UV rays. To do so, if possible, prevent exposition during hottest hours and protect your skin with clothing.
However, if your skin were to be exposed, let’s think about sunscreen. But let’s also think about the impact they can have on the oceans and choose a brand that take action to limit their impact. Indeed, some sunscreens can have devastating effect on marine life, especially coral reefs. Even if to this day we cannot ensure the most respectful sunscreens are 100% without any effects for the environment, it is nonetheless possible to make the right choice.

Surfrider Europe predicts a summer devoted to well-being, not only for you but also for the planet. Ready to make the most of this sunny break while protecting the environment?

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