Take the protection wave of ocean



Welcome on this special surf abecedary and environnment for World Surf Day, to never end up in deep wave.


You’re more than 150,000 to follow us in this adventure. What if we crossed the 200,000 mark in 2020?


A technique which enable surfer to pass through foam rapidly that arrive in front of him in order to join the open sea. Since there are not only humans who go on and under the water, it is important to take care of animals living in aquatic environment, especially by fighting against plastic pollution. 


The most difficult when we begin an environment protection step is to stay on course and to maneuver to have control. Surfrider Europe is here to help you. 


Surfing in a good quality water, it is the demand made by a group of surfers in Portugal in 2017 after begun to complain about various pains. Coastal Defenders team has pushed authorities of the north region of the country to be interested in this issue and take concrete measures.


Refer to DUCK.


Anyone knows that your surfboard isn’t a skateboard. With this latter, it is wanted to make a grind, understand make a figure consisting of sliding on a thing. With your surfboard,  this is less fun to slide on rubbishes which make you deviate from this beautiful wave that you’ve undertaken to surf. What you can do ? Organize a collect of rubbishes via Oceanes Initiatives.


This give the opportunity to go on whitewaters of mountain streams, protected by carapace in order to preserve as rocks as temperature of water. Do you have a carapace to protect you from flow, but which protect the ocean and streams too? Click here to discover the Sea Smart Land project.


Ah the good salty air of coastline! Surfrider Europe enrolls in preserving the typicality of our seaboards including fighting against chemical pollution in oceans.


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JO (=OG)

For Olympics games, competition in which surf  will be represent for the first time in 2020 as additional sport. For World Ocean Day which takes place each year on the 8th of June. 


You all have been beginner surfer, it is obvious the same when you begin to take an interest in protecting the ocean. To understand simply the different concerns of this protection, you can go check our YouTube channel to (re)discover Climax videos. Here is one which explain in what the biodiversity is threatened.


Streams are connected to oceans as a lace connecting the board to the surf’s ankle. Reduce rubbishes to the origin, it is all the goal of the Riverine Input project.  


No, there is no possibility to back out when you start to do protecting the ocean.

Nose / Tail

Whatever the form of surfboard ends it won’t disturb you from surfing. The same goes for protecting the ocean: whatever the action by which you start, they all have to be guide toward a way of life more respectful of the environment. 


Wind of sea which damages condition of surf. To understand which damage coastline frontage, here a short video which explain erosion.


 On the North Shore of Oahu island, Banzai Pipeline is one of the most beautiful and the most dangerous waves of the planet. For this place to stay an idyllic place, it is essential to protect this maritime space by limiting humans’ impact particularly mass tourism.


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 Set of boards between which a windsurfer chooses those which seems the best adapted to circumstances. Among all the ways of living and consuming that it’s possible to choose and if you adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Refer to TAKE OFF. 


Say to waves rolling on a rocky bottom or a coral reef. The latter is threatened a lot by global warming as we explained you in a previous article.


This is an obsessive fear of surfer: take a series of waves on the head without doing anything possible with it. This is the obsessive fear of the installation along the ocean as well. The marin submersion, this is a real issue for coasts as we explained you in a previous article.

Take off

To enter into the wave of ocean protection, you stand up and begin progressively your evolution: app Ocean’s zero is here to help you.


Say to the one who use wave to surf and the association Surfrider Europe.


Refer to SERIES.


 The wax that a surfer applies on the top of the board not to slide. It is also possible to made it yourself. On the DIY topic, do you wish to do your own washing powder? It’s this way:

X Games

This refers to a competition liked by non-professional of slide sport. Regarding protection of the environment, there is no competition. It is a fight to lead together. 


 To see the time where surfer enters a roller made by the wave, it can be played on YouTube. You can also find on our YouTube channel different detailed videos, DIY, FAQ and recap of our actions. 

Waiting area

Area located to the open sea from which a surfer observes the setting up of  breaking waves so that he can choose the time to start. Want to have a go in protection of the oceans and won’t be anymore a simple viewer, enroll in it!

You’re now prepare to surf on the protection ocean wave. Aloha!

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