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Today, we are forced to consume household products that are a source of waste on a daily basis. Doing it yourself" is one of the alternatives that offers us the possibility of reusing, transforming, to reduce our waste, especially plastic waste. Take another step towards zero waste by creating your own food packaging, or even your own sponge is possible! Surfrider invites you to discover or continue the "do it yourself" activities with new tutorials. It's up to you! !

Bee Wrap food packaging

Composed of a tussus fabric covered with beeswax, it becomes semi-rigid and is therefore suitable for all types of containers. This packaging replaces the daily use of our plastics in our kitchens such as stretch film. It should be remembered that a European citizen produces an average of 475 kilos of waste per year. This alternative is therefore a concrete solution to reduce our overconsumption.

The Tawashi household sponge

Nothing more ordinary than a sponge and yet, although it is not for single use, it is used by everyone and in large quantities (several thousand per individual). This Tawashi not only reduces your consumption but also allows you to transform and reuse your textiles (here socks) rather than throw them away. Easy to make, it is also an economical alternative product! 

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