Protecting the ocean is child's play


Who said we can't protect the oceans and still have fun at the same time? Surfrider Europe has compiled a glossary of terms that will help strengthen your game plan.


Every game is about action. Some actions lead to victory, others are blocked. To follow the actions won, lost and in progress of Coastal Defenders, it's here.


In this game, there is no need to bluff or keep your identity secret to win the game. Feel free to share your actions on social networks and around you. 


To win the game, you have to play together. In the end, everyone wins or everyone loses. Join the Surfrider community, to make a difference together. 


Let's stop abandoning in nature what we don't play with anymore. Instead, why not dispose of them in the proper bins (sorting or composting for example) or maybe you can find someone else who wants to play with them. Do you want to participate in a waste collection on the beach? Find out more about Oceanes Initiatives.


This completes a basic game. What if you were to become the creator of the game and come up with new actions / measures to protect the oceans? Out of inspiration to do it yourself and stop buying packaged products, we've added an extension to our DIY.


Beware of frustration after participating in a waste collection on your favorite beach and you return to find some the next day. Why not turn this frustration into action? Change the behaviour around you so that you don't have to start collecting rubbish all over again. Click here to discover the EMR citizen engagement booklet. 


At your next gamers' meeting or games festival, think about opting for the gourd in terms of goodies? You kill two birds with one stone: here you are with a collector's souvenir of your favourite game/event and effortlessly avoiding the plastic bottle when you travel. 


When you practice water sports, you run the risk of getting bombarded by floating waste or worse, ending up with various microplastic residues stuck in your hair. So to avoid unpleasant surprises, let's go find and reduce waste at the source! This is the purpose of the Riverine Input project.


Sometimes you have to use your imagination to win the game. To raise awareness about protecting the oceans, too. That's what the Surfrider Campus educational area is all about.

Parlor Game

Protecting the oceans is a real parlor game. So how can we explain it to children in a fun way? Click here to (re)discover Climax, our web series on climate change.


This is an international web platform for participatory financing. Many board games are financed through it. What if today you helped finance an ocean protection project by making a donate or organizing a collection ? 


Said of a board game adept. If you respect all our rules of the game, you will soon become a true defender of the ocean.

Meeple challenge

A playful challenge that consists of playing 10 different games. Surfrider Europe's game is 25 challenges for 25 ways to reduce your impact on the environment. So, are you ready to take up the challenge ?  

Number of players

Infinite! You can never be too many to protect the planet. Congratulations, there are already 13,000 of you supporting Surfrider and more than 150,000 of you following us in the adventure. 


It is indeed the key word to surpass one's game partners. If you witness a pollution or a problem that could interest us, it's here.

Playing board

Your game board? The whole world. A beautiful surface for endless games.


Do you want to become an expert on ocean issues at the next Trivial Pursuit on Sunday? Don't hesitate to visit the Surfrider's website to get all your answers. 

Rules of the game

In order to respect all the rules to protect the ocean, here is our guide of good practices.


Your strategy? Reduce your consumption by a few actions to be carried out on a daily basis and push your entourage to change their habits. This skill can be very useful to bring out the VALUE of the game. To perfect your strategy, don't hesitate to visit Ocean Campus. 


No trying to adapt the rules. To live on a better planet, the RULES OF THE GAME must be followed. Example of cheating: Buying something new to achieve what you want when you can do with what you already have.


Because union is power: refer to COOPERATION.


Nobody likes to lose. To avoid this, refer to STRATEGY. 


Sorry, you don't have to go to war to win this game. Refer to COOPERATION.


Everyone dreams of reaching this category by playing. This label is a guarantee of an excellent level. At Surfrider Europe, we have champions of expertise in charge of our various themes. 


You're the player! Click here to become a volunteer.

Zero waste

This is the final goal of this game! To help you, take a look at the Ocean's zero app and Ocean Campus to discover our DIY tutorials.

If you've made it this far, you've won. The game is over but the fight must continue. 

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