Ocean Initiatives, take time for the ocean


This March, Surfrider Foundation Europe will launch the 25th Edition of Ocean Initiatives, our flagship program that tackles marine litter through waste collections, education and citizen science. To bring awareness to the urgency of ocean protection, this year we’re choosing to highlight how we spend our time. In the fight against marine litter, every minute counts, so it's important that we spend our moments where they matter by taking action to defend our oceans and coastlines.

Time as an opportunity

86,400: that’s how many seconds we have in each day. Yet for many of us, it still feels like it's never enough. The problem is that time is not renewable. It cannot be stored or saved for later. Time is our most valuable asset but in our "time-consuming" society, what are we choosing to do with it? At Surfrider Europe, we choose to prioritize our time for ocean protection. We believe that the future is ours to protect and how we spend our time today has a direct impact on our tomorrow. With the state of our oceans reaching almost beyond repair, the time to act is now. Let's stop wasting our time, and fight against waste instead.

Give sense to everything we do

With the number of distractions available to us at every moment of the day, it is easy to become consumed in tasks that add little to no value to our well-being. When we make the choice to live consciously and spend our time on things that hold meaning, we find more space in the minutes of our day to live with intention. When we value our time, we discover the importance of protecting the things that we hold dear, like our natural environments.

Shape our time with what we value

Participating in Ocean Initiatives is about taking time to be aware, to witness the problem, and act to address it. It is about occupying space and time with actions that are good for us and for the planet. When we finally become aware of the false importance that social distractions and consumerist behaviors imposes on our lives, we find more time to connect with nature and act to defend it. Surfrider Europe calls for all ocean lovers to take action during the 2019 Ocean Initiatives launch weekend from March 21 to 24. Organize or participate in a local collection and join the 40,000 citizens a year who choose to invest 1hr of valuable time in making a positive impact in their ocean communities.

Take part in collection

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