Le fait-maison, c’est bon pour l'océan


Stay Inside, Stay Inspired #6 Plastic cling wrap, kitchen sponges, cleaning products: these are items that we buy, consume and throw away on a regular basis. They are so engrained in our daily lives that we can forget how much waste is actually generated from domestic activities. Consequently, the “Do It Yourself” is an ecologically interesting alternative since it limits the consumption of single-use plastic as well as domestic pollution. In a logical step to zero waste, to limit your movements in shops and keep you busy during this period of confinement, Surfrider Europe shares new video tutorials to make these products yourself. Stay inside and stay inspired : it's possible !

Beeswax as food packaging: the bee wrap

Everyone has plastic cling wrap or aluminium foil in his or her kitchen. However they are two sources of waste. To reduce this pollution, the Bee Wrap, a fabric covered by beeswax, can be adapted to all kind of containers and allows you to easily replace your old single-use packaging. The benefit is obvious since it is possible to use the Bee Wrap several times. As soon as it becomes less adhesive, simply reinforce it with more beeswax on your fabric. This product is endlessly usable! Surfrider Europe teaches you how to do it.

The Tawashi: the cutest sponge you'll ever own 

10,000 is the number of sponges that a Frenchman purchases on average in a lifetime. Sponges are non-recyclable waste that contribute to pollution of the planet and ocean. Tawashi is the solution to drastically reduce the number of sponges bought and thrown away. More durable, ecological and economical since it is made with what you have to hand: socks, a t-shirt, tights or even a sheet. Surfrider Europe teaches you how to do yours with your old pair of socks in 1.30 min, stopwatch in hand !

A house shining from floor to ceiling

Many cleaning products are made with chemical components that can harm aquatic life. Maintain your home while using healthier products: black soap and white vinegar prove to be your best allies. Find here our new tutorials about tiles and wood floor cleaners for a clean, shiny and eco-friendly floor.

The wood floor cleaner :

The tiles cleaner :

The personalized tote bag is this season's “must-have”

In Europe, 190,000 single-use bags are used every minute. Most of this waste ends up in the ocean. Constituent elements pollute water while decomposing and also harm aquatic life. Some animals like turtles or dolphins suffocate from confusing these plastic bags with other animals like jellyfish.

What is the alternative? For a few years now, the tote bag has become the new trendy and more ecological accessory. But produced in large quantities to meet demand and fashion, its manufacture is no more eco-friendly than any other garment. Surfrider Europe shows you how to do your own tote bag.

Clean toilets and the ocean with homemade tablets

Over a year, a French household releases 8.15 lb on average of toxic substances from industrial cleaning products. Among them we find toilet tablets which don’t stop at the toilet bowl but also have an effect on our oceans. They have disastrous consequences on environmental water quality. Surfrider Europe shows you how to do your own toilet tablets in 5 min, stopwatch in hand.

All these products are homemade and on top of that there is no need to buy materials to make them: most of us will already have everything at home. One more action for the planet and your wallet !

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