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NOWU is the new media dedicated to young Europeans willing to make things change. Because building a better future needs NOW some decisive action. Surfrider Foundation Europe and NOWU work together on marine environmental issues. Juliette, chief redactor of NOWU, gives us some insight about it. 

Juliette, could you tell us more about NOWU ? 

NOWU is a digital media which aims to make young people more committed in the environmental protection. Our approach is based on three pillar : to get informed, to get inspired and then to act. 

Young individuals are already aware of the ongoing ecological crisis, however, they might not know the extend to which it will impact them, now and in the years to come. Climate change might appear as a distant phenomenon, both from a geographical or temporal perspective. Yet, everyone is already affected today. 

What is NOWU’s main particularity compared to a regular media ? 

NOWU’s articles provide some tools to the reader, either to act directly on environmental issues, or to make the general public more aware of them. Eventually, NOWU’s publications enable you to raise awareness on this issue at different scales, from your close relatives, neighbors, to the level of your whole city or region.  

Why have you made the choice to work with Surfrider Foundation Europe ? 

At NOWU, we found essential to have credible partners. And we identified Surfrider Foundation Europe as an expert on all the Ocean-related and water quality issues. We also have for instance Météo France on the climate thematic. Hence, we rely on specialists to help us create our contents. Also, we liked the idea to highlight the essential work of organizations such as Surfrider Foundation Europe. Thus, all of our publications on the Ocean and water quality issues will refer to Surfrider’s expertise. 

How can we follow your work today? 

Our website constitutes our main tool. It is mobile first, so you can “pin” it on your smartphone’s home screen and use it like a regular application. We have an Instagram account as well. Designed like the first step before reaching the website, the Instagram account shares some inspiring content to tease on the articles’ subjects. Visiting the website constitutes the last step to become an active member of NOWU’s community. Moreover, we just launched a Facebook account, and we will be on Tik Tok by the month of January.  

A last word to your future reader? 

Knowledge is key to chose the right path when it comes to the environment. And NOWU will make sure that you stay interested in this subject. Our media has been created to raise awareness, inform, and inspire young people who do not always have the keys to make things change. However the goal is not to make the readers feel guilty about the environment, but rather to instruct and empower them. Our mission is also to make information available to everyone. Furthermore, NOWU is a European media. Its purpose is therefore to promote mutual inspiration and exchanges, in order to act together towards systemic change, at every scale.  

Thank you so much Juliette for your answers and NOWU’s presentation. At Surfrider Foundation Europe, we are delighted to work with you to raise awareness among young European citizens on the Ocean and the environmental protection. Engaging the youth on such critical issues will pave the way for more responsible future decision-makers in Europe. 

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